Vabbing at the Gym: Shocking Truth Behind Viral Tiktok Trend

Vabbing at the Gym, Two medical specialists explain the viral epidemic that is sweeping TikTok.

You may have raised an eyebrow or two if you just came across a video labelled with the term “vabbing” (aka vagina dabbing) on your For You Page. Don’t worry if you’re perplexed – you’re not alone. Vabbing is essentially the practise of dabbing a few drops of your own vaginal fluid on pulse spots on your body, such as the wrists and neck, as a form of perfume to assist people attract possible mates. And now, some TikTok users are persuaded that the gym is the greatest place to try out this craze.


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TikTok user @jewlieah, for example, popularised the fad lately with a video in which she claims to have vabbed before a workout at the gym and received some much-needed attention as a consequence. In a later video, she describes how, after vabbing at the gym, a man approached her while she was doing lunges and asked her out. Her original video has had over six million views, and it has been dueted (matched side by side with videos created by other artists) hundreds of times, usually by people who are sceptical of her specific pick-up strategy.

What is vabbing?

Vabbing is dabbing a little amount of vaginal fluid into numerous pulse spots, similar to how you would apply perfume. “Women either swipe or completely insert a finger into their vagina and then apply the secretions to their wrist, behind the ear, et cetera,” explains board-certified ob-gyn Cynthia Wesley, M.D. “On a daily basis, women produce approximately one-half to one teaspoon of vaginal discharge.” Typically, this discharge is clear, somewhat hazy, or whitish.”

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According to the notion, vaginal secretions carry pheromones that attract future mates. “A pheromone is a chemical that one animal secretes that influences the behaviour of another animal,” Dr. Wesley explains. “Animals can use these compounds to mark a territory, sound an alarm, or trigger sexual arousal.”

Is vabbing effective?

In short, it’s uncertain if vabbing helps you find a companion. “No controlled trials exist to contest the effect of vabbing,” says Karenne Fru, M.D., Ph.D., F.A.C.O.G., an Oma Fertility fertility specialist. “Anecdotes to the contrary are more likely to be coincidence.” Dr. Fru is sceptical of suggestions that vabbing leads to possible mates approaching you, especially at the gym. “In theory, vabbing relies on the sense of smell,” she says. “The gym is awash in odours of all kinds, and I doubt vaginal secretions would be noticed, let alone have an effect.”

Dr. Wesley concurs that data confirming the efficacy of vabbing is insufficient, but she adds that there is some research documenting the effect pheromones have on humans in general, citing an early study on the steroid component androstadienone. “Androstadienone, which is found in male axillary [underarm] sweat, improves mood and increases focus in women,” she explains.

While vabbing at the gym may not be the trigger for meet-cutes at the gym, Dr. Wesley argues that “perhaps the improved mood and focus of the women, caused by the androstadienone in the sweat of the men, has improved the women’s confidence, thus making the men more attracted to the women.” However, she points out that scientists haven’t precisely researched the usefulness of vabbing.

Is it safe to vabbing at the gym?

Dr. Fru warns against vabbing at the gym since it includes the spread of germs from the vagina to other parts of the body. (Yes, even healthy vaginal fluid is composed largely of cells and germs.) Furthermore, you should avoid the trend if you have abnormal vaginal discharge or if you have a sexually transmitted disease, advises Dr. Wesley. In that scenario, you should consult a doctor right away.

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According to Dr. Wesley, vabbing at the gym is “generally safe” if adequate hygiene is followed and you do not have an illness. “Before inserting a finger into your vagina, thoroughly wash your hands and fingernails for at least 20 seconds.” “Wash your hands again after dabbing to your desired area,” she advises. This will keep hazardous bacteria from spreading to your vagina and other surfaces.

Vabbing At The Gym Trend, Some Reviews?

Without a question, the gym is the finest area for huge groups of people to congregate. Furthermore, the Gym is not a hygienic location to meet someone because everyone’s body sweats continually, and people fail to clean the equipment after usage.

  • According to one TikTok user, her friend said,
    She did it right before going to the gym, and then the guy hit on her while she was working out, Vabbing really works me!”
  • A woman commented on a TikTok video as follows,
    You won’t believe it, but she used vaping for the first time at the gym, and it actually did work.
  • One person on Twitter tweeted,
    You folks are literally… “Yesterday, he watched a TikTok of someone, and this chick was Vabbing at the gym.
  • Someone said on Twitter,
    “I was scrolling through TikTok when I came across a video of someone Vabbing at the gym.” It’s horrible that you’re physically touching and sharing gym equipment with other individuals. WTF, bro? And if you really want to do nefarious things like this, he bet they don’t even clean any of the equipment after they’re done.”
  • Another user said,
    “He searched “Vabbing cruel” since he is a baby boomer and didn’t know what it meant, and he regretted it. He also stated that ignorance is sometimes bliss.

What exactly is the science behind it?

According to the theory, hymen discharge contains pheromones that attract potential amorous partners.

Pheromones are chemicals secreted by animals that influence the behaviour of other animals. These compounds can be used by animals to mark their territory, communicate danger, and increase sexual pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is vabbing, and how does it relate to doing out at the gym?

Vabbing, also known as vaginal dabbing, is the practise of applying a little quantity of vaginal fluid to pulse spots on the body, similar to how perfume is applied. Some people believe that the pheromones in vaginal secretions might attract lovers. The gym environment has gained popularity as a location where individuals have experimented with this trend.

Q: Is there scientific proof that vabbing at the gym works to attract gym partners?

There is currently minimal scientific data supporting the usefulness of vabbing in attracting partners. While certain chemical chemicals present in perspiration, such as androstadienone, might impact mood and attention in women, exact correlations between vabbing and attraction are unknown.

Q: Is vabbing at the gym a certain strategy to attract potential partners?

No, vabbing does not ensure the attraction of potential partners. Experts continue to dispute the notion, and there is no scientific consensus on its usefulness. Success tales may be anecdotal rather than directly related to vabbing at the gym .

Sexual wellness is just as vital as physical and mental wellbeing. In most circumstances, a single consultation may be quite beneficial.

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